The digital therapy and
patient management platform

Salaso delivers clinically validated solutions for therapy and prevention across a multitude of settings. The Salaso platform improves access to care, eases clinical workload, and supports  improved outcomes across the board.

Digital therapy

Salaso makes it easy to deliver personalized therapy, across the full care continuum, based on international clinical best-practice. We enable patients to engage on their own terms, when and where they choose. As a result, we reduce dependence on acute settings and improve health outcomes for all.

Simple, efficient patient management​

Salaso provides everything the clinician needs to manage patients as individuals or groups. Assess progress, arrange remote or in-person appointments, manage communication and adapt or customize pathways.

A full range of clinical services

Salaso supports clinical pathways across a wide range of healthcare needs, for clinicians of all types, and throughout the entire spectrum of healthcare settings. All customizable and adaptable to the individual or group.


Orthopedic, surgical, respiratory, cardiac and oncology medicine use cases, supported and managed by the clinician


Musculoskeletal and sports medicine, obesity & diabetes management


Staff well-being, readiness to work, and mental health services; consumed as a self-managed digital wellness service

Salaso in numbers

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Of patients progressed faster than their therapist expected
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Of patients said they wanted to use Salaso regularly
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Of physiotherapists say they would recommend Salaso
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Reduction in the number of patients experiencing significant difficulty

We help in every healthcare setting

From individual teams to national health programs, Salaso can improve outcomes and patient care in any context

For clinical teams

We help clinicians treat more patients and improve outcomes. Deliver digital and remote therapy, track progress and make every contact count, all within a platform that integrates with existing electronic patient records.

For healthcare innovators

Healthcare is changing. Salaso supports integrated care and enables more treatment to take place in home and community settings. By doing so, we enable health budgets to do more with less, and improve outcomes for all.

For healthcare managers

Protect and extend revenue opportunities. Deliver more healthcare with the same resources. Control the primary care channel and give both patients and institutional customers access to digital and lifestyle therapy.