Supporting integrated
care for all

Salaso supports a new model of healthcare: one that gives patients freedom whilst keeping clinicians in control. As a result, we drive improved healthcare outcomes across the board.

Patient-centric care, in every healthcare setting

Salaso empowers clinicians in every setting, from the emergency department to the living room. We make it easy to interact and guide patients via a simple digital platform. As a result, services can deliver continuity of care across multiple settings.

Move patients out of acute settings, faster

Modern healthcare has a problem: over-dependence on acute settings. Often that’s because we can’t move patients out of them without compromising care. Salaso can help. We make it easy for clinicians to provide and monitor digital care, and simple to share records across health settings.

Putting patients first

Today, patients demand more from their healthcare provider. And they expect to engage in a time and a place that suits them. Salaso makes it possible. From online health portals and support for digital check-ups, to personalised exercises to perform at home: Salaso makes it easy to support new healthcare delivery practices.

The perfect platform for preventative medicine

Good healthcare starts with prevention. The Salaso platform enables clinicians to place high-risk individuals into population-level programs, monitor performance, and intervene where necessary. It’s practical, measurable, population-level healthcare, with the personal touch. And it works.