The solution for better
managed healthcare

Salaso enables private healthcare providers to provide a better service, for more patients, at a greatly reduced cost.

Improve efficiencies with smart hybrid-care options

Salaso is an integrated digital therapy and patient management platform, that enables clinicians across your organisation to deliver, monitor and manage a huge range of treatments. As a result, we help you make every contact count: and see more patients with less resources.

Open up new revenue streams

Salaso is the easy way to extend your services to include virtual and digital health, primary care, and post-acute care. By doing so, we open up new revenue streams for traditional healthcare businesses and get you closer to the customer.

Open up healthcare with a state-of-the-art managed solution

Salaso provides an out-of-the-box healthcare platform that enables users (either as individuals or employees) to engage with your services, self-triage, and when necessary be escalated to an in-person appointment with the relevant clinician. Better for patients, better for your business.

A secure, scalable solution

The Salaso platform is a cloud-based, enterprise-ready solution that can scale to meet any challenge. We understand the vital importance of keeping patient data secure and safe. As a consquence, you can trust Salaso to deliver for your organisation.

Built on approved clinical pathways

Salaso digital therapy is always up-to-date with the best practice and approved clinical pathways. Institutions and clinicians can add Salaso to their hybrid-care delivery with confidence.