The digital therapy solution
for every clinical team

Salaso is the perfect way to deliver digital therapy as an element of hybrid care, within a platform that keeps the clinician in control

Create, customise and manage digital therapy streams

Salaso gives you the ability to share digital therapy with patients, either as individuals or groups. We provide written and video content streams for the full range of treatments across therapy and prevention, and allow the clinician to edit and customise these with ease.

Keeping the clinician in control

Great healthcare is clinician-led healthcare. Salaso is an extension of your clinical team, not a replacement. We enable clinicians to control therapy, determine what is delivered digitally and in-person, and ensure every contact counts.

Closing the feedback loop

Salaso provides live feedback on every patient, so you can actively monitor progress. We integrate with data from wearables, enable patients to update the app manually, and allow teams to customise alerts for when patients need extra help. You can even schedule remote or in-person catch-ups right there in the platform.

Easy to integrate with existing patient records

Integrated and hybrid healthcare is joined-up healthcare. And at Salaso, we want to make life easier, not harder, for clinicians. That’s why Salaso integrates with existing EMRs out-of-the-box. As a result, it is easier than ever before to manage patients across diverse teams and settings.

A secure, scalable solution

The Salaso platform is a cloud-based, enterprise-ready solution that can scale to meet any challenge. And we understand the vital importance of keeping patient data secure and safe. As a consquene, you can trust Salaso to deliver for your organisation.

Built on approved medical pathways

Salaso digital therapy is always up-to-date with the latest best practice and approved clinical pathways. Institutions and clinicians can add Salaso to their hybrid-care delivery with confidence.