Digital Triage

State-of-the-art Musculoskeletal (MSK) Digital Triage facilitates remote processing of patients on waiting lists.

Enables stratification of patients to the appropriate setting for care

The MSK Digital Triage engine
uses sophisticated, evidence-based algorithms with an interactive user interface. Clinically validated and based on best practice international MSK triaging standards and guidelines

Waiting List Management

Delivers early waiting list interventions. Provide your patients with a simple to use application, they can be triaged to self management or routed to the appropriate care. 

From the individual to the population, bespoke healthcare at scale

Salaso’s platform is a cloud-based platform. That means it is simple to get started, no matter what the clinical setting: just log in and go. And it’s easy for patients too: everything they need is available on their mobile app or desktop

Integrates with the systems you use today

We want to make the life of the clinician easier, not harder. Salaso integrates seamlessly with all major HER/EMR systems and electronic patient records, meaning nothing gets lost and it’s easier than ever to transfer patients from one clinical setting to another.